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Eric's Background

Leading the fight for our values

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Leading the fight against indoctrination of our children with radical “transgender” agenda 

Eric led the fight to prevent men from gaining access to women’s and girls’ bathrooms and locker rooms in Campbell County.

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Leading the fight for Judeo-Christian values

Eric led the fight to pass a resolution defending marriage as “one man, one woman,” and calling on the Supreme Court to reverse its lawless Obergefell decision that imposed “gay marriage” on America.

Leading the Fight for the Second Amendment

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Eric spearheaded a resolution supporting Liberty University’s initiative to allow students to carry firearms on campus.


“[W]e are affirming what Jerry has done because he has done exactly what we believe in. He has called people to be ready to stand up to take their place in a free society and defend innocent life."


He also voted to support Liberty University opening a shooting range in Campbell County, used for students, the public, and training for the Campbell County Sheriff’s Office.

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Leading the fight to keep taxes low and reduce burdensome government regulation on businesses

Eric led the fight against the proposed “meals tax” in Campbell County in 2012

Eric ran for the Board of Supervisors in 2013 to repeal the county’s “Tax Hike of 2012.”


“’When you have a surplus for three years in government, you have a problem,’ he said. ‘It shouldn’t be sitting in the government. It should be in the taxpayers’ pockets.’”


Eric established a reputation as “an advocate for fiscal stewardship and reducing regulations to promote business and agricultural growth.”

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Leading the fight for farmers and agriculture

Eric, a small farmer, was known as “a strong supporter of the agricultural sector.”

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Leading the fight to keep the Republican Party true to its conservative principles.

“’I want to see the Republican Party standing for something, not just watering itself down to cater to any and everybody,’” said Eric Zehr, chairman of the Campbell County Republican Committee and its Board of Supervisors. ‘If we don’t stand for our principles, then why have the party?’”

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Eric is a proven public servant, and small business owner. 

Public Servant
- Represented Rustburg District on Campbell County Board of Supervisors, 2014-2018
- Chairman – Campbell County Republican Party – 2015-2018
- Chairman – 59 th House District Republican Committee – 2016-2021
- Served on Campbell County Social Services Board – 2014-2018

Farmer - Small Businessman – Job Creator
- Owns and operates a small farm in Rustburg
- Owner and operator of American House Wash in Rustburg

Family – Church – Community
- Married to Jodi
- Dad to Macaiah, Elias, Ga'briella and Levi
- Grandfather to three terrific grandkids
- Graduate of Liberty University
- Former member, Campbell County Militia
- Elder, Grace Orthodox Presbyterian Church in Lynchburg

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