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Eric will have five primary legislative priorities in the House of Delegates:

Paid for and authorized by Zehr for Virginia

Sniper Rifle


Life at Conception.

Eric will lead the fight to protect all innocent human life from conception. On Day One,

he will introduce a Life at Conception bill in the House.

Election Integrity.

Eric will lead the fight for Election Integrity. On Day One, he will introduce Election Integrity legislation, ending no-excuse mail-in voting, requiring in-person, Election Day voting and an auditable paper trail for ballots.

Parental rights in schools.

Eric will lead the fight in Richmond, as he did in Rustburg, to protect our children from radical “transgender” propaganda, and prevent men from using girls’ bathrooms. He will lead the fight against destructive agendas like “critical race theory” and the “1619 Project” that seek to divide Virginians along lines of race and sex. He will fight for education standards inculcating patriotism and traditional values. He will fight for high academic standards, enhancing our children’s ability to compete in a global economy. He will oppose any efforts to mandate COVID injections of school children against their parents’ wishes.

Energy Independence and Fighting Inflation.

Eric will lead the fight to repeal disastrous Democrat energy policies. He will introduce legislation to end the Democrats’ law shackling Virginia to California’s draconian “Green Raw Deal,” and Ralph Northam’s natural gas drilling blockade, allowing Virginia to reap the benefits of tapping our own energy resources. Achieving energy independence will drive down prices at the pump, and skyrocketing home heating costs.

Eric will lead the fight to overturn the Democrats’ radical COVID overreach, which has expanded government power to close businesses, shutter churches, keep children home from school, destroyed medical privacy, and has badly damaged Virginia’s economy.

Second Amendment

Eric is 100% pro-Second Amendment, and will lead the fight for our gun rights in Richmond as he did in Rustburg. Eric is a proud gun owner, and a member of the Campbell County Militia.

Eric's Record

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