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A Fighter, not a Follower

Fighting for

Second Amendment

Eric spearheaded a resolution supporting Liberty University’s initiative to allow students to carry firearms on campus.


Low taxes

Eric led the fight against the proposed “meals tax” in Campbell County in 2012

Parent's rights

Stop transgender extremism and divisive 'critical race theory' in schools



Eric led the fight to pass a resolution defending marriage as “one man, one woman.”

Election Integrity

End vote harvesting

and restore honest elections.

Energy Independence

End Virginia's ties to California's 'Green Raw Deal,' and unlock Virginia energy


Representative Bob Good Endorses Eric Zehr

In his statement endorsing Zehr, Rep. Good said,

I am proud to enthusiastically endorse my good friend, Eric Zehr, for the Republican nomination for the 51st District House of Delegates seat. Eric and I served together on the Campbell County Board of Supervisors, and he has consistently demonstrated that he is a principled and courageous conservative warrior. Eric is a true patriot, who will bring the fight to Richmond for limited government, lower taxes, the sanctity of life, our 2nd Amendment rights, and our nation's founding principles. Please join me in supporting Eric Zehr for the House of Delegates!

Like you, I have been deeply concerned to watch left-wing extremists in the Biden
administration in Washington and the Ralph Northam administration in Richmond, as they have led an all-out assault on innocent unborn children, our Second Amendment rights, the integrity of our elections, and the rights of parents in our public schools. I have watched them throw open our southern border, destroy American energy production, and weaponize law enforcement to shut down businesses during COVID and to attack former President Trump. Our most cherished freedoms are hanging by a thread. And I have watched in stunned disbelief as our Republican “leaders” in Washington and  Richmond have failed to fight back to defend our values. If our children are going to experience the liberties we once took for granted, we must have champions in Richmond who will take the fight to our Democrat opponents. We cannot afford to negotiate away any more freedom. Conservative Republicans must go on offense. There is no more time for do-nothing politicians to continue doing nothing.
That is why I’m running to be your next member of the House of Delegates from the 51st District, representing Bedford, Campbell and Pittsylvania counties. During my four years on the Campbell County Board of Supervisors, I teamed up with former supervisor Bob Good, now our representative in Washington, to defend our shared Judeo-Christian values, our Second Amendment rights, and our cherished constitutional liberties. All across our state, Virginians are rising up, demanding leaders who will stand for our values, regardless of the cost. That is why our campaign is rapidly gaining momentum picking up endorsements and support across every corner of the 51st District, from Smith Mountain Lake, to Rustburg, to Hurt.
If you are happy with the direction of our country and our state, I’m not your candidate. But if you’re looking for a Fighter, Not a Follower, to champion your values in Richmond and to fight back against those who would take your freedoms, I ask for your vote and support.
Please sign up here, to be a delegate to the Republican convention, and send a Fighter, Not a Follower, to be your voice in Richmond.

I am grateful for your prayers and support.



John Sharp - Bedford Supervisor

Matt Cline - Campbell Supervisor

Justin Carwile - Campbell Supervisor

Tommy Scott - Bedford Supervisor

Melvin Adams - Former 5th Congressional District GOP Chairman

Will Kirk - Former Campbell GOP chairman

Dan Abbott - Commander, Campbell County Militia  (for identification purposes only)

Steve Shockley - Campbell supervisor (R-Sunburst)

Mike Rousseau (R-Timberlake) - Former Campbell supervisor

Jim Borland - Former Campbell supervisor (R-Spring Hill)

Annie Pollard - Former Bedford supervisor (R-Dist. 6)

Mickey Johnson - Bedford County Supervisor (R – Dist. 1)

Mary Katherine Bennett - (Bedford)

Reggie Bennett - Altavista town councilman

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 VA House District 51

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